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Help 30 local Zambian women create their own business!

2011 November 20

Click to see women tell their stories.

I recently came across a project of the Imagine Rural Development Initiative that embodies nearly all the principles in my book, “Give a Little: How Your Small Donations Can Transform Our World.” Imagine Zambia is providing training to 30 Zambian female heads of households so they can become moringa farmers. Moringa is a high value multi-purpose crop that is hardy (i.e., drought resistant), fast-growing and full of nutrients.

Over and over, this type of model has successfully enabled families living in extreme poverty to dramatically improve their lives through access to income, reliable food sources, education, medical care and better housing among many other things.

More than 50% of women in developing nations work in agriculture, but too often they are unsuccessful due to the vagaries of rainfall; their own health and the health of their children, which can prevent them from working their plots; and access to markets to sell their harvests. Projects like Imagine Zambia’s help women overcome these barriers to develop long-term successful profitable and thriving farming businesses.

For fiscal year 2011, the” total¬†foreign assistance (USAID and State) budget request [was] just 1.4% of the budget for the entire Federal government.” Most Americans believe that the U.S. provides many times that much of the federal budget in aid to developing nations.

The 2011 U.S. federal budget was $3.834 trillion; 1.4% amounted to $53.76 billion.

In 2010, non-wealthy Americans gave $100 billion to charity, nearly twice the entire federal allocation to foreign aid for 2011.

Imagine the potential and power of additional affordable donations to projects like Imagine Zambia’s. Many millions of female-headed households could move permanently out of the inhumanity of extreme poverty and safely into a middle class standard of living.

YOU can afford to make that happen. Make an affordable donation today and start the rippling of positive returns on that investment!

We’re aiming for $3,ooo by November 24, Thanksgiving day in the U.S. That’s the total investment needed now to help launch 30 women’s lives forward to better futures.

Click here today and GIVE A LITTLE!

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