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Voting Nonprofits off the Island

2011 September 28

Here’s a question: Why must corporations pit equally worthy nonprofits against one another in online social media-driven competitions for votes in order to receive a generous donation?

True, the nonprofits would be competing for grants if they submitted proposals – you know, the old-fashioned way, and I do not judge them for going for it and entering such contests!

Still, I find something distinctly distasteful when a corporation or other funder asks voters to post their choices, often publicly, for one charity over another. Not to mention the many wonderful organizations like Potters for Peace that have smaller networks of people from which they can hustle up votes, yet the transformational power of their work dwarfs the size of their “contacts” list.

I’m not naive. I’m sure the social media platforms call a great deal more attention to the corporate/funders’ good deeds.

But I still can’t bring myself to vote for one great organization over another (unless one of my absolute faves is in the game). If it were my money to give away, I’d acknowledge all the charities’ great works and give some to all. But that’s just me.



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