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Straight Talk about Giving

2011 February 25

Ah, my ungirdled blog about giving. I’m shedding the character limits of twitter and facebook to fully share my views on giving and the nonprofit sector.  I’ll be giving it to you straight. I am not a nonprofit organization, a foundation, corporation or major donor, so I have no stake other than my personal integrity and desire to cut through the over-and under-hyped news and trends in giving and the nonprofit world and get you the truth.

There are many myths and unknown truths about giving that need to be revealed.  I see this as a pivotal time in the evolution of giving, fundraising AND providing services that is going to help eliminate some of the world’s most challenging social problems such as extreme poverty and hunger.

By the way, I’m speaking to YOU, whoever you are – everyday donor, major donor, foundation president, social entrepreneur, NGO worker in the trenches, giving circle member, nonprofit executive, celebrity spokesperson, government official, researcher, changemaker, idealist, cynic.

I’m also eager to hear from you. Let’s get this conversation going, and while we’re at it, use what we know to create a new world.


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