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Affordable Giving Finds its Voice – Yours

2011 May 1

It’s begun, and I credit YOU for using technology to broadcast your optimistism in a powerful synergy to fuel creating good.

You have found your voices. Individually and collectively, you are using them as clarion calls to do good through giving, social activism, social innovation, big idea incubation and dissemination, inspiration and real debate.

More and more of you are tweeting, posting on facebook and blogging about your giving in all forms:

  • personal commitments to affordable daily giving

  • campaigns to fund unique projects

  • announcements of successful campaigns

  • invitations to all manner of fundraising events, including rice dinners, birthday parties, concerts, cupcakes for causes, and clicking to give.

  • Very large sums are being raised by individuals and groups using all forms of social media from simply posting a request on a facebook page to using one of the crowdsourcing platforms to draw many.

    This explosion of rally calls to do good is the best tonic I can find for the daily news, which bombards our do-gooder brains with the bad stuff, updated by the second and broadcast everywhere on our screens.

    I LOVE hearing about others’ passions and projects knowing I can help make a real difference by making my affordable donations.

    I LOVE that you are posting, tweeting and blogging about good. Your voices are growing louder, and eventually you WILL drown out the white noise of the “news.” Thank you for sharing.


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