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2011 April 3

I am a big fan of social media. It makes my middle-aged self feel current. I love being part of the global conversation about philanthropy and social innovation as it is taking place in real time.

Social media gives me a view of the world as it is evolving – even second by second on Twitter!  You may know that Twitter displays lists of topics that are being widely discussed under the heading “Trending.” Folks can start a conversation about a specific topic by creating a “hashtag,” which is the name of the topic preceded by the “#” sign.  In my day, this symbol was known as the “pound key.” Now it is a hashtag.

As I am writing, trending topics include #wrestlemania, #MileyWon (at the Kid’s Choice Awards) and #thingsthatpissedmeoff. But, these are not the only kinds of topics that trend! Making the world a better place through philanthropy, social innovation and entrepreneurialism is very hot on Twitter.

If you type in #poverty, #socent (short for social enterprise), #philanthropy, #charity, #giveeveryday, #MDGs (Millennium Development Goals), you can jump into an energizing and inspiring conversation about doing good.

So, what does all of this have to do with giving? If you want to discover a new person, project, idea or organization that fits with your passion for changing the world, check out social media. Read what and who folks are talking about. Then check out their profiles and their websites.

You and I are social venture capitalists. We can help budding projects take hold. Our affordable donations can launch an innovative approach to solving social challenges that start ripples of change. And we can do it RIGHT NOW.

Follow me on Twitter at givealittlenow!


There is even an oft-used #givealittle. I’d love it to be inspired by my book or my tweets; however, it is nearly always used in reference to a new CD by the Hanson Brothers band, which apparently still has a sizable following.


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